Q. What is the minimum age required to study at OHC? Do you offer any courses for people below that age?

A. The minimum age limit is 16 for international classes, and there is no upper age limit. Under 16s may be taught privately (one to one) or in closed groups year round. Additionally, we have our Children’s Adventure Program that runs mid June to Mid August and Mid December to Mid February and our Teenage Adventure Program starting end of June to end of July. For more information for the Children’s Adventure Program please click:


Q. What is the average age of students at OHC?

A. Most of our students are between the ages of 20 and 30. However, we also have many students both below and above this range.


Q. Can I come to study at OHC with someone below 16, like a child for example?

A. It is possible to do this but it may be difficult to arrange. The child would not be able to join our international classes and it may not be possible to arrange accommodation for a family in homestay. The child/children would need to be taught privately and if their course hours were different to yours, you would need to arrange childcare for the time you are in class. You may also need to arrange your own accommodation. If you would like to discuss the possibilities for this kind of programme, please contact your preferred centre directly.


Q. When do you begin to accept applications for the courses and when is the deadline for enrolment?

A. You can apply for your course as early as you like and there is no official deadline for enrolment. However, given that all of the course and accommodation options we offer are subject to availability, we recommend that you apply as far in advance as possible so as to have the best chance of getting a place on your preferred course and in your preferred accommodation. Courses start every Monday.


Q. What are the fees for international/overseas students?

A. All course and accommodation fees are the same for all students.


Q. Is there a library/café/common room in the centre?

A. Yes. Each centre has an academic library, a computer lab as well as a cafe or social area where students meet to chat and enjoy a snack. (We don’t have an academic library in Miami although we have a computer room).


Q. Is there Computers and Free Internet access in the centre?

A. Yes. OHC students have access to PC's and internet. This includes both fixed and WiFi wireless broadband internet access.


Q. Can I have a trial lesson before I book my course?

A. For many of the courses we offer it is possible to arrange/attend a trial lesson before enrolling. To find out if this is possible for your chosen course, please contact us directly.


Q. What is the cost of living in the USA?

A. Estimates of the cost of living in the United States for international students can be found at:

Please advise us immediately if you have special mobility needs at and we will do our best to advise and assist you.


Q. Can I stay in OHC accommodation if I do not take one of your courses? What about if I come with somebody who will study at OHC - could I share a room with that person?

A. Our accommodation is for OHC students only. Due to high demand and limited availability you can only stay in our accommodation if you study with us. Therefore, even if you are coming to Miami Beach, Florida with someone else who will be studying with us, we cannot provide you with accommodation.


Q. Do I have to stay in accommodation provided by OHC?

A. No. You can arrange accommodation by yourself if you wish.


Q. How far will my accommodation be from the college? Will I be able to walk to college?

A. Our Student Housing apartments are 10-15 minute walk from and to our Centre. Our Homestay homes are within a one hour commute from and to our Centre.


Q. Can I choose my homestay host? Or visit before I stay to make sure I like it?

A. We do not allow students to ‘choose’ the homestay location or host they want, just as we do not allow homestay hosts to ‘choose’ the student they want to host. All homestay locations are regularly inspected to make sure they are suitable and we do our best to place students in homestays where they will feel happy and comfortable. Of course if you are unhappy, we will do our best to deal with your problem and, in more serious cases, to move you, though this may take a little time and at certain times of the year, it may not be possible.


Q. If I come with somebody else and we will both be students at OHC, can we share a room together? If so, how can we arrange this?

A. You can certainly request to share a room with a friend if you will both study here at OHC, and we will of course do our best to arrange this for you. However, we cannot guarantee this. You should make this request at the same time or after you apply by noting it on your application form, or alternatively, by sending an e-mail to


Q. If I have booked a shared room with somebody else but then they cannot come (for example because their visa application is refused), what should I do?

A. In this case you should inform us of the situation as soon as possible so that we can make an alternative arrangement for you.


Q. If I would like to apply for a shared room but I do not know another OHC student who I can share the room with, can OHC find a roommate for me?

A. We do not have a roommate matching process, for this reason if you are interested in a shared room you would have to already have someone willing to share a room as well.


Q. If I have a specific request relating to the accommodation, who should I contact and will OHC be able to help me with it?

A. In this case you should note your request on your application form. You can also contact us directly at Depending on your request we may be able to help you and, in any case, we will certainly answer your questions.


Q. When can I move into the accommodation and when do I have to move out? Can I stay in the accommodation after my course has finished?

A. All of the accommodations we offer are for arrival and departure from Sunday after 3pm to Sunday by 11am - this is the period covered in the price. However, you can leave before the end of this period. No prorated refunds will be given for an early leave. You may also come before our normal Sunday check-in but there would be an extra per-night charge depending on what accommodations you were assigned and if it is available for those extra nights.


Q. Is there internet access in the accommodation?

A. We have equipped all of our student housing apartments with WIFI and our homestay hosts are required to provide WIFI or some form of internet connection for the student. Our school is equipped with WIFI and logins and passwords are given on your first day of school.


Q. How can I find out the exact address of the accommodation?

A. You will be notified of the exact address of the accommodation as early as a month before your day of arrival and no later than two weeks before the starting date of your course. We cannot disclose this information to prospective students.


Q. Can I book accommodation for one week only?

A. Yes. We do not have a minimum number of weeks the student must reserve housing for.


Q. Can I pay for my accommodation in instalments or do I have to pay all accommodation fees in advances?

A. All accommodation fees must be paid in advance. For longer stays, you can book a shorter period of accommodation (e.g. one month) and renew/extend at the end of this period, however, placement is not guaranteed and it will be based on availability.


Q. If I want to extend my period of accommodation or change my accommodation, can I do this? If so, what would I have to pay?

A. It is certainly possible to extend your period of accommodation or to move to other accommodation. To do so you should make this request as far in advance as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Q. Can I stay in OHC accommodation if I am under 18?

A. If you are under 18 you can only stay in homestay accommodation, but not our student housing apartments.


Q. Do I have to pay for gas, electricity, council tax, etc. or are all bills included in the price of the accommodation?

A. All bills are included.


Q. What is the registration fee/accommodation finding fee for?

A. Both the registration fee and the accommodation fee are necessary charges to cover administrative costs.


Q. If I cancel my course will you refund the registration fee?

A. No. The registration fee is not refundable.


Q. If I cancel my accommodation will you refund the accommodation finding fee?

A. No. The accommodation finding fee is not refundable.


Q. Do I have to pay the registration fee for each and every course I take?

A. No. It is only necessary to pay this fee once a year to cover the initial cost of registering you as an OHC student. After you are registered, your registration payment is good for up to the next twelve months.

Q. Can I do the test before I arrive?

A. No - your English will be tested on your first day at the school.


Q. Do you also have classes for complete beginners?

A. If you are a complete beginner we may not have a suitable class for you. Please contact us to find out if we do.


Q. Do I need to have a certain level of English to take any of your courses? If so, which ones?

A. If you would like to take one of our specialized English courses, you must have a level of English at the appropriate level for the course. These are: Cambridge Examination courses - Upper-Intermediate or higher; IELTS - Intermediate or higher, English for Business Success - Intermediate or higher; Conversation & Pronunciation - Pre-Intermediate or higher.


Q. Can I take an English course for one week only?

A. Yes you can, please call/email your selected location to discuss timetables.


Q. Can I take more than one English course? If so, how can I apply and will I get a letter of acceptance for each course?

A. You can apply for more than one English course. However, it is not possible to apply for more than one course at the same time using our online booking form. Therefore, you should either make separate applications online or, alternatively, apply for both courses using our application form.


Q. Will I get a certificate at the end of my course? Is there an exam?

A. After you have completed your course you will receive a certificate confirming your attendance as well as the progress you have made as long as you attended at least 80% of the course. Although there are regular progress tests during our courses, there is no end of course exam.


Q. Do you offer free English lessons?

A. No, although we do offer English classes provided by our CELTA program that require a small refundable deposit. This is not year round. Please contact us directly to find out dates and availability at


Q. What is included in the course fee? For example, are course books or exam fees included?

A. All materials are included while exam fees are not.


Q. Can I pay for my course in instalments or do I have to pay all course fees in advance? What about if I just want to reserve a place?

A. All course fees are payable in advance. You could pay for two or three week courses at a time if you wish, but please note that this would be more expensive than paying for a longer course in advance.


Q. After I start my course can I extend my period of study or change to another course? If so, what would I have to pay?

A. It is possible to extend your period of study or to change to another course. To do so you should make this request as far in advance as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q. How can I pay for my course?

A. You can pay by cash, credit card or you could arrange a bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer you must send us a copy of the bank transfer so that we can process your booking. Please ask the bank to give your name as a reference. Bank charges (if any) must be paid by you on arrival.


Q. Can I do a bank transfer or online EFT for my Fees direct to your bank account?

A. Yes,

    Bank Name: TD Bank

    Bank Address: 500 Collins Ave.,

    Miami Beach, Fl., 33139,US

    Bank Phone: (305) 531--‐0642

    Bank Account # 4314795696

    Transit Routing # 067014822


    Bank Number: 313

    Name of Account: Sol Group of Schools LLC


Q. Do I have to pay in dollars or can I pay in a foreign currency?

A. All payments must be done in US Dollars (USD).


Q. Is it possible for somebody else to pay on my behalf?

A. Yes.


Q. If I need an invoice can OHC provide one? If so, what information do I have to give and do I have to pay anything?

A. Yes. We can provide invoices if required. To be able to do so we need to know your chosen course (including the class times), the start date and the duration, as well as the address or fax number to which we should send the invoice. You do not have to pay anything for this service.


Q. Can I get any financial aid/assistance, such as a student loan or scholarship, for my course?

A. Oxford House College does not offer any scholarships or other financial assistance. However your course at OHC may be eligible for a grant from a funding body in your home country (for example the European Union’s Erasmus + programme). If you are applying for financial aid, contact your chosen centre to discuss how we can help your application.


I’m very happy to be studying at this school. Mainly, I have very good teachers and I’m learning a lot. I like the methods, because the teachers focused in several aspects, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Everybody is friendly and concerned about the progress of the each of the students.I appreciate the knowledge of the teachers a lot.

Antonio from Mexico