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OHC English Language Training - Learn English & have fun at our exciting locations all around the world!


OHC offers excellent value with the highest standards of teaching, welfare and social activities. It is also one of the most popular accredited English language schools. Every year, more than 7,000 international students like you come to OHC to improve their English language skills, education and career prospects.

• Over 35 years of excellence
• Professionally qualified teachers
• Caring and supportive environment
• A wide range of courses to choose from
• Flexible timetables - morning, afternoon and evening classes
• A choice of study options - full time, part time or intensive
• Most courses start any Monday

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We think learning English can and should be fun - our classes are varied and lively, our teachers dynamic and inspiring. The lessons are planned to help you learn fast, with stimulating language activities, pair and group work, individual help and classroom discussion.

Learn English

English Courses designed to dramatically improve your Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing skills at all Levels.

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General English

Students join multi-national language classes and study 15 hours per week following a syllabus close...

General English Plus

Students join multi-national language classes and study 20 hours per week following a syllabus close...

Intensive English

Students join multi-national language classes and study 30 hours per week following a syllabus close...

Conversation & Pronunciation

Our Conversation and Pronunciation English Programmes focus on Developing Speaking Skills, Improving...

Cambridge Examination Courses

If you already have a good knowledge of the English language and want a qualification to demonstrate...

IELTS Exam Preparation

Students join multi-national language classes and study 15 hours per week, covering key language dom...

Intensive TOEFL Preparation

Recognized by universities, colleges and businesses worldwide, the successful completion of the TOEF...

Executive English

You will learn essential Business English Skills, such as; the Language of Presentations and Meeting...

English for Academic Purposes

The OHC English for Academic Purposes is aimed at students who require English for use in Higher Edu...

Conversation & Grammar Skills

The OHC English Conversation and Grammar Skills Program focuses on; Developing Speaking Skills, Impr...

One-to-One Tuition

You will have a personalised OHC English Programme based on a strategic needs analysis by OHC. You ...

High School Preparation

One-to-One with any other course

You will have a personalised OHC English Programme based on a strategic needs analysis by OHC. You ...

English Teacher Training & Development

Courses Designed for those wanting to become English Teachers around the World, or for English Teachers who want to build on their existing English skills.

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English Programs for Overseas Teachers of English

Around the world, most English lessons are taught by teachers whose first language is not English. ...

CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults

The CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults), is an initial qualification in teac...

Cambridge Delta - Take all three modules with the Blended Delta

The Cambridge Delta program is for teachers anywhere in the world who have substantial experience in...

Holmes Education Group Partners

Explore further your exciting education options at our exciting locations around the world within the Homes Group and its affiliated Partners, once you have completed your OHC English Program!

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Sol Camps International offers a fantastic array of destinations and programs designed specifically ...

Teaching House

With over 31 locations in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Mexico ...

Holmes Institute - Higher Education Programmes

Currently the renowned Holmes Institute faculty deliver two Post-Graduate level and three Undergradu...

Holmes Institute - Diploma Programmes (VET Level)

The renowned Holmes Institute offers a wide range of VET Level Diploma Programs, including Business ...

Holmes Institute - Secondary Years 11 & 12 (VCE/HSC)

OHC English students can move on to Holmes Secondary College who offer Years 11 & 12 (VCE/HSC). ...

FashionMasters - Fashion Programmes

FashionMasters (formally the Melbourne School of Fashion) is an accredited Private Educator of speci...

HeadMasters - Hair & Beauty Programmes

HeadMasters - Australia's most vibrant Hair, Beauty, Spa and Fashion Training Academy. Apprenti...

University of Worcester International College (UWIC)

UWIC is an Affiliate College of the University of Worcester providing comprehensive support to inter...

St Mary’s University London International College (SMULIC)

SMULIC is an Affiliate College of St Mary’s University in London; SMULIC offers pathways to a ...

Our schools are all around the world

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Tres Pontas, Brazil

This experience is the most amazing of my life because I can enjoy each moment in Boston and I can experience another culture. OHC Boston is very important to me because I’m learning a lot of English here and my teacher is very helpful and perceptive.

In our school we have an opportunity to visit different places. One time we went to the Boston Globe and it was very interesting to me because I love to work at a company and I li...