Homestay Accommodation

Make the most of your stay in Miami with carefully selected Homestay accommodation. You will feel at home and be able to practice your English in friendly surroundings. You will have your own room, and you can choose between 2 meal options: breakfast only, or breakfast and dinner. Shared rooms are only available if you are coming with another person at the same time and leaving at the same time.  All of our homestay homes are within a 60 minute commute to the school, South Beach shops and the beaches. Each home provides free WiFi access.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast

Half Board

Half Board

Student House 18+

To accommodate our ESL English language students better we offer our well known Student House option in Miami Beach. Student Houses in Miami Beach consist of apartments owned and operated by OHC-Miami and rented to our students on short or long term basis. South Beach is the southern most tip of Miami Beach. This is the most touristic portion of the island and offers many attractions and the best part of the beach to its visitors. It is where most of the action is in Miami Beach and where most of the famous pictures of the island come from. In this part of the island, housing is very very varied and a huge range of short term accommodation options are available all year round.

All houses are located within 20 minutes walking distance from the school campus. Because of our proximity to the beach and the size of the island, this means all houses are also no more than about 20 minutes to absolutely everything you could imagine, from shops to night-clubs and, of course, the beach!

House Style
We offer two main styles of homes. Private Suites and Shared Apartments.

Private Suites
Our private suite is a bachelor flat with a full kitchen, bathroom and a double bed. This apartment can accommodate a maximum of four people. Students occupying our Private Suite together must know each other, travel together and arrive and leave on the same dates.
Shared Apartments
For students looking for a more economical option, we also offer 2 bedroom apartments. These are larger apartments that offer multiple bedrooms that can be shared by multiple students. There is always one kitchen and one bathroom which are shared by everyone living in the same apartment (maximum of 3 people in any apartment). Students have the option of taking a private room in these apartments, or traveling as a couple and taking a shared room. Again couples must travel together, have the same arrival and departure dates and live in the same room.
Because the choices are so varied and we have to offer a large number of Student Homes, it is not possible for us to always guarantee that all homes will offer all the same amenities. Some homes will have cable TV and/or internet and some won't. Some apartments have a swimming pool and some don't. Because of the very high demand for apartments, we are not able to guarantee any of these extras. All apartments will have:

• Full kitchen with basic cooking and food preparation equipment
• One full bathroom with shower and/or bathtub
• Clean and comfortable bedding and all necessary sleeping material 
• Air conditioning in all rooms
• Fridge, stove and a cook top
• Fully furnished for a comfortable and functional home
• Cleaned regularly and maintained by our staff
• Wifi
• Cable television

A new set of sheets, a pillow, and a blanket is provided for every student upon their arrival at the Student House. Students are then expected to wash and maintain their sheets and pillows. Extra sheets, pillows and blankets can be provided at an extra charge.

Student House 18+

Student House 18+



"Studying at OHC Boston is a wonderful experience. I like small size classes; the staff who work here are very friendly. We have comfortable furniture, excellent Internet and the best computers for us. OHC located in downtown Boston, is very easy to get to it. We enjoy meeting with new friends and learning new cultures every day.

English is a world language and it’s very necessary in every day life. If you speak fluently and write correctly you can get a better job and can travel around the world!."

Victor from Moterry, Mexico