Homestay Accommodation

Make the most of your stay in Miami with carefully selected Homestay accommodation. You will feel at home and be able to practice your English in friendly surroundings. You will have your own room, and you can choose between 2 meal options: breakfast only, or breakfast and dinner. Shared rooms are only available if you are coming with another person at the same time and leaving at the same time.  All of our homestay homes are within a 60 minute commute to the school, South Beach shops and the beaches. Each home provides free WiFi access.

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Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast

Half Board

Half Board


"This experience is the most amazing of my life because I can enjoy each moment in Boston and I can experience another culture. OHC Boston is very important to me because I’m learning a lot of English here and my teacher is very helpful and perceptive.

In our school we have an opportunity to visit different places. One time we went to the Boston Globe and it was very interesting to me because I love to work at a company and I like to see different production lines.

Learning English is very important to my future and to my profession because nowadays in my country it’s necessary to speak another language. Also, I want to travel a lot and this language will help me."

Camila from Tres Pontas, Brazil