You will join multi-national language classes following a syllabus closely mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, covering key language domains, skills and competencies appropriate to your level of ability.

Objectives: This programme of study is intended to enhance the all-round language and communication skills of those who wish to work or study more effectively in an international context. You will improve your language skills and also enhance your inter-cultural communication.


NEW YORK STATE APPROVED PROGRAM TITLES: General English – Elementary A / General English – Elementary B / General English – Pre-Intermediate A / General English – Pre-Intermediate B / General English – Intermediate A / General English – Intermediate B / General English – Upper Intermediate A / General English – Upper Intermediate B / General English – Advanced A / General English – Advanced B 

AUSTRALIA CRICOS: Melbourne 000785F; Sydney 009526G; Cairns, Brisane and Gold Coast 024348G

Join multi-national language classes, covering key language domains and competencies required for the IELTS examination.

Objectives: This programme of study is intended to improve your language skills for the IELTS examination and to develop examination techniques to ensure that you get the best result you can. Complete regular ‘mock’ examinations and receive feedback on your performance to best help you achieve your goals.

AUSTRALIA CRICOS: Melbourne 025429J; Sydney 026586K; Cairns, Brisane and Gold Coast 024350B

The OHC English for Academic Purposes is aimed at students who require English for use in Higher Education or University.

Programs focus on Performance in English at University level, Study Skills and Fluency Practise. Classes may be studied full-time or in addition to an Examination Class or General Language class (limited location availability).

AUSTRALIA CRICOS: Melbourne 049282C; Sydney 048844D; Cairns, Brisbane and Gold Coast 056833G

OHC Australia offers a tradition of excellence in preparing young students for studies in Australian schools as well as at our Secondary College. Safe, secure and supportive, OHC provides specialized English Language Preparation for those students who need to increase their English level in readiness for secondary school studies.

AUSTRALIA CRICOS: Melbourne 000768G; Sydney 009528F; Cairns, Brisbane and Gold Coast 024352M

You will have a personalised OHC English Programme based on a strategic needs analysis by OHC.

You choose how many lessons you will have and on which topics and areas of language you would like to focus, depending on your personal objectives; for example, you may wish to improve your conversational English, to concentrate on your grammatical accuracy or develop your ability to read and write in English. We provide bespoke classes based on the General English or one of the specialist English curriculums.

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"Brisbane is a lovely place to study, I'm thankful for my teachers and classmates.  Ive been here since February and i've gained a lot of knowledge.  I think my English skills have been improving continually.  Anyway I can honestly say I am happy to be here at Oxford House College."

Somsaowalak from Thailand