London (Richmond)


Homestay Accommodation

Our Accommodation Officer can reserve quality accommodation for you in Richmond's most popular areas. We have a choice of homestay accommodation with various meal options.

You share a home with your host but have your own private room and a choice of meal options. Our homestay hosts are carefully chosen by a local accommodation agency for their friendliness and experience in looking after international students.

All homestay accommodation is within easy travelling distance of the school.

All students under 18 years must to be placed with a halfboard option.

Bed & Breakfast 18+

Bed & Breakfast 18+

Half Board 16+

Half Board 16+

Other Options



OHC has partnered with Casita to provide a variety of residential accommodation options. Find the best selection of student accommodation near OHC Richmond. Casita helps you choose from student housing across a wide selection of rooms, amenities and rates:


"On my first day I was feeling lost as it was my first time on Oxford Street and then when I got to the school and came into reception they were great and they helped me immediately.  Since then every time I come into or go out of the building they always say, ‘hi’ and ask how you are and all this stuff.

So I’ve really enjoyed my time here with the staff and nice teachers and I’ve got to know so many new people and I’ve improved a lot when I think about my first day and it was pretty hard to speak to someone and now I’m really happy with my progress and I’ve actually got an internship that I’m starting here in London now.

And one last thing is the college roof top cafe, which I think is the best place in London to have a coffee."

Fabien from Germany