Q. What is the minimum age required to study at OHC Boston? Do you offer any courses for people below that age?

A. For our adult program, the minimum age limit is 16. Our junior summer program accepts students aged 12-18. Students of any age are able to take private lessons.


Q. What is the average age of students at OHC Boston?

A. Most of our students are between the ages of 21 and 35. However, we also have many students both below and above this range.


Q. Can I come to study at OHC Boston with someone below 18, like a child for example?

A. Yes - if under the age of 18, your child/children would need to be taught privately and if their course hours were different to yours, you would need to arrange childcare for the time you are in class. We do not provide childcare, however our staff may be able to help you to find childcare near to the school.


Q. When do you begin to accept applications for the courses and when is the deadline for enrolment?

A. You can apply for your course as early as you like and there is no official deadline for enrolment. However, given that all of the course and accommodation options we offer are subject to availability, we recommend that you apply as far in advance as possible so as to have the best chance of getting a place on your preferred course and in your preferred accommodation. Courses start every Monday.


Q. What are the fees for international/overseas students?

A. All students pay registration and materials fees and accommodation fee where applicable. Students requiring student visas must also pay a postage fee to get their student visa documents.


Q. Is there a library/café/common room in the centre?

A. Yes. There is a library, a kitchenette and a social area where students meet to chat and enjoy a snack.


Q. Is there Computers and Free Internet access in the centre?

A. Yes. OHC Boston students have access to computers and internet. This includes WiFi access.


Q. Can I have a trial lesson before I book my course?

A. Yes! For many of the courses we offer it is possible to arrange/attend a trial lesson before enrolling. To find out if this is possible for your chosen course, please contact us directly.


Q. What is the cost of living in Boston?

A. We estimate the student’s average living expenses at $1200-1500 per month. To give you an idea, costs of living in Boston include $800-1300 for accommodation, $20 for an average 2 course meal, $7 for an alcoholic drink, $1 for a can of soft drink, $12 for cinema, $2 for a loaf of bread, $6 for a sandwich, $5-$20 to go to a club or see some live music, $30 for a SIM card, $3 for a coffee in a café, $2.50 for a 2 liter bottle of water, a weekly public transport card with unlimited on the Train pass costs $22.


Q. Where is the school located? How far are school’s accommodations?

A. The school is located in downtown Boston, right next to Boston Common & Boston Garden - the oldest garden in the whole of the USA. The school is located in a posh environment with lots of restaurants, shops, banks, luxury brands and churches. We are within 5 minutes’ walk the gardens and well connected with all major subway lines through Arlington Train stop that is 3 minutes’ walk from us. Our accommodations are 15 – 45 minutes away by public transportation.


Q. Can you tell me about the school’s campus?

A. With 5-star grade equipment, dynamic classrooms, a student lounge and kitchenette as well as a computer station and quiet study rooms, OHC Boston has a quiet, personal feel that provides the ideal studying environment for all kinds of students. We have a close-knit community and homely feeling with lot of engagement, laughter and fun!


Q. Can I stay in OHC Boston accommodation if I do not take one of your courses? What about if I come with somebody who will study at OHC Boston - could I share a room with that person?

A. Our accommodation is for OHC Boston students only. Due to high demand and limited availability you can only stay in our accommodation if you study with us. Therefore, if you are coming to Boston with someone else who will be studying with us, we might be able to book a room in the residence for both of you, e.g. a hotel room, a room in the hostel, etc.


Q. Do I have to stay in accommodation provided by OHC Boston?

A. No. You can arrange accommodation by yourself if you wish.


Q. How far will my accommodation be from the school? Will I be able to walk to school?

A. Some accommodation options, i.e. The Constitution Inn, International Guest House, private apartments, are a 25-30 minutes walk from the school. Otherwise, because our school is in the centre of the city and not in residential areas, the rest of accommodations can be an average of 40 minutes ride by public transport.


Q. Can I choose my homestay host? Or visit before I stay to make sure I like it?

A. We try to accommodate all requests prior to arrival, however we cannot guarantee availability of particular hosts until full payment is received and placement may change at any time. All homestay locations are regularly inspected to make sure they are suitable- we love our homestay families, we are sure you will too. If you are already in Boston and would like to visit our homestay locations we can arrange this for you.


Q. If I come with somebody else and we will both be students at OHC Boston, can we share a room together? If so, how can we arrange this?

A. Yes, you can request to share a room with a friend if you will both study here at OHC Boston- subject to shared room availability.


Q. If I have booked a shared room with somebody else but then they cannot come (for example because their visa application is refused), what should I do?

A. In this case you should inform us of the situation as soon as possible so that we can make an alternative arrangement for you.


Q. If I would like to apply for a shared room but I do not know another OHC Boston student who I can share the room with, can OHC Boston find a roommate for me?

A. If you would like to apply for a shared room in our student hostel (International Guest House) or ESL Townhouse residence, it is possible for us to find a roommate for you. We don’t “match” students in our other accommodation options.


Q. If I have a specific request relating to the accommodation, who should I contact and will OHC Boston be able to help me with it?

A. In this case you should note your request on your application form. We do our best to meet all requests.


Q. When can I move into the accommodation and when do I have to move out? Can I stay in the accommodation after my course has finished?

A. Usually all of the accommodations we offer are for arrival and departure on Saturdays or Sundays. Therefore, it is possible to arrive a few days earlier or stay for a few extra days after you finish. To find out about this, please contact us directly.


Q. Is there internet access in the accommodation?

A. Yes, all accommodation options include internet access.


Q. How can I find out the exact address of the accommodation?

A. You will be notified of the exact address of the accommodation no sooner than one week before the starting date of your course once full payment is received.


Q. Can I book accommodation for one week only?

A. Yes, provided you apply for a one-week course you can also book accommodation for one week. To find out the price of this and how to apply, please contact us.


Q. Can I pay for my accommodation in instalments or do I have to pay all accommodation fees in advances?

A. Yes you can pay as you go, all accommodation fees must be paid in advance. For longer stays, you can book a shorter period of accommodation (e.g. one month) and renew/extend at the end of this period.


Q. If I want to extend my period of accommodation or change my accommodation, can I do this? If so, what would I have to pay?

A. It is certainly possible to extend your period of accommodation or to move to other accommodation. To do so you should make this request as far in advance as possible to guarantee availability. Changes to accommodation may be subject to additional accommodation fees.


Q. Do I have to pay for gas, electricity, council tax, etc. or are all bills included in the price of the accommodation?

A. All bills are included.


Q. What is the registration fee/accommodation arrangement fee for?

A. Both the registration fee and the accommodation fee are necessary charges to cover administrative costs; they help us to offer you the best options available.


Q. If I cancel my course will you refund the registration fee?

A. No. The registration fee is not refundable.


Q. If I cancel my accommodation will you refund the accommodation arrangement fee?

A. No. The accommodation arrangement fee is not refundable.


Q. Do I have to pay the registration fee for each and every course I take?

A. No. It is only necessary to pay this fee once to cover the initial cost of registering you as an OHC Boston student. After you are registered there is no need to pay the registration fee again.


Q. Do I have to pay the accommodation arrangement fee if I apply for the student hostel or other residence?

A. Yes. The accommodation arrangement fee is payable in respect of all of the accommodation options we offer.

Q. Can I do the test before I arrive?

A. No, all students do a test on their first day in the school.


Q. Do you also have classes for complete beginners?

A. We offer classes for all language levels.


Q. Do I need to have a certain level of English to take any of your courses? If so, which ones?

A. If you would like to take one of our specialised English courses, you must have a level of English at the appropriate level. These are: TOEFL preparation and Executive English require a high A2/B1 level minimum. If you are lower than this please let us know we may be able to help you.


Q. Can I take an English course for one week only?

A. Yes you can.


Q. Can I take more than one English course? If so, how can I apply and will I get a letter of acceptance for each course?

A. You can apply for more than one English course. For example, OHC Boston offers combination packages, i.e. group classes in the morning (TOEFL, General English and Executive English) and private lessons in the afternoon.


Q. Will I get a certificate at the end of my course? Is there an exam?

A. After you have completed your course you will receive a certificate confirming your attendance as well as the progress you have made / the level you have reached. You will take a Progress Test at the end of each week and there will be an exit test at the end of your course. You will have many opportunities to see your improvement!


Q. Do you offer free English lessons?

A. Yes, as part of our CELTA teacher training courses you may be able to attend afternoon free English classes in addition to your course.


Q. What is included in the course fee? For example, are course books included?

A. The course fee is for all your tuition; we have a separate materials fee for the books and photocopies you use on the course.


Q. Can I pay for my course in instalments or do I have to pay all course fees in advance? What about if I just want to reserve a place?

A. All course fees are payable in advance. You could pay for two or three week courses at a time if you wish, but please note that this would be more expensive than paying for a longer course in advance.


Q. After I start my course can I extend my period of study or change to another course? If so, what would I have to pay?

A. It is possible to extend your period of study or to change to another course depending on course availability.

Q. How can I pay for my course?

A. You can pay by cash, credit card or you could arrange a bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer you must send us a copy of the bank transfer so that we can process your booking. Please ask the bank to give your name as a reference. Bank charges (if any) must be paid by you on arrival.


Q. Can I do a bank transfer direct to your bank account?

A. Yes, Here are the bank account details:


    Bank Swift Code: B0FAUS3N

    Bank Name: BANK OF AMERICA

    Address: 260 GREENWICH ST. NEW YORK, NY,10007 USA

    Recipient Account Number: 483037153521

    Routing Number: 021000322

*Please add any wire transfer bank fees to your payment total and email us a copy of the transfer request/receipt so we can track it.


Q. Do I have to pay in dollars?

A. Wire transfers can be made in any currency, but credit card payments and cash payments are charged in USD.


Q. Is it possible for somebody else to pay on my behalf?

A. Yes.


Q. If I need an invoice can OHC Boston provide one? If so, what information do I have to give and do I have to pay anything?

A. Yes. For every course you are provided an invoice. To be able to do so you need to submit the OHC Boston registration form filled out and signed providing the following information: personal information, your chosen course, the start date and the duration, accommodation option with the exact dates (in case you need one). You do not have to pay anything for this service.


Q. Can I get any financial aid/assistance, such as a student loan or scholarship, for my course?

A. Oxford House College Boston does not offer any scholarships or other financial assistance. However, your course at OHC Boston may be eligible for a grant from a funding body in your home country.


Q. What are the fees for international/overseas students?

A. All course, materials and accommodation fees are the same for all students. Check our price list for the most up to date prices.


"Learning English with patient and supportive teachers have been the great experience. The social program always has something interesting and the campus is centrally located in Manhattan where I can go conveniently."

Yukie from Tokio, Japan