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English Programs for Overseas Teachers of English

Around the world, most English lessons are taught by teachers whose first language is not English.  

At OHC English, we refer to these teachers as Overseas Teachers of English. If you are such a Teacher, or you are about to enter the Profession, you can deepen your knowledge of the subject and develop your teaching skills by choosing one of our Overseas Teachers of English Programs (limited location availability).

EU funding – Erasmus +

OHC courses are eligible for EU funding through the Erasmus + programme. Teachers of English from around the EU (and some other countries - see here for a list: https://erasmusplus.org.uk/participating-countries can apply for European funding to travel to the UK for training and professional development. 

From January 2014 there have been big changes to EU funding; Comenius, Grundtvig and other EU funding schemes are now replaced by Erasmus +

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CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults

The CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults), is an initial qualification in teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults. It is the most widely taken initial English Language Teaching (ELT) Qualification of its kind in the world, taken by over 10,000 people each year.

With the CELTA Qualification, a wide range of exciting ELT career and travel options will open up for you, not least the prospect of working in your favourite locations of your choice around the world (limited location availability). 

It is offered by our partners Teaching House in Melbourne, London, Oxford,  New York, Boston and Miami and by Sol Schools International in Toronto.

Sol Schools International:  www.solteachers.com

Teaching House New York: www.teachinghouse.com/new-york

Teaching House Boston: www.teachinghouse.com/boston

Teaching House London: www.teachinghouse.com/london 

Teaching House Oxford: www.teachinghouse.com/celta-oxford-tefl-course

Teaching House Melbourne: www.teachinghouse.com/melbourne


Cambridge Delta - Take all three modules with the Blended Delta

The Cambridge Delta program is for teachers anywhere in the world who have substantial experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults and who want to further develop their knowledge, skills and careers.

The Delta qualification enhances a teacher’s long-term career prospects in the global ELT profession. This leads to greater career satisfaction, management / senior management positions and is a gateway into other areas of the profession like materials development, course design and publishing.

The Teaching House / OHC Blended Delta program is organised to allow maximum flexibility while maintaining the benefits of face-to-face learning. This means that, for Modules 1 and 3, you choose your preferred assessment date and begin your preparation earlier or later, depending on your availability and needs. And then for Module 2, you take maximum advantage of working face-to-face with our qualified, experienced and professional trainers.

Cambridge Delta – Module 1

Delta Module 1 covers the theory and methodology of ELT within a strong practical framework. Your tutor will create a tailor-made scheme of work based around your chosen assessment date, schedule and work commitments. You can complete Delta Module 1 in six months or six weeks, depending on the time you have available to study.

Apply today through Blendeddelta.com. Or contact delta@teachinghouse.com for more information

Delta Module 1 dates:

Flexible start dates working towards the exam on the first Wednesday of June or December

Delta Module 1 fees:

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Cambridge Delta – Module 2

Delta Module 2 is the most practical of the three modules. The Teaching House Blended Delta Module 2 is delivered entirely face-to-face, meaning you benefit from fully qualified Delta Module 2 tutors, who are all professional, experienced teacher educators, for your input sessions, tutorials and your observed teaching practice. This is better than on many online only or distance courses, where your teaching mentors may not be fully qualified and may not have any teacher training experience.

Delta Module 2 Dates:


Apply today through Blendeddelta.com.

Contact delta@teachinghouse.com for more information

Delta Module 2 fees:

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Cambridge Delta – Module 3

Delta Module 3 enables you to select your specialist teaching context. Popular specialisms include teaching exam classes, business English, English for academic purposes, dealing with multi-lingual groups or one-to-one classes. It is assessed via an extended assignment, in which you examine the principles and features of your specialism, conduct needs analysis, design a course for a selected group of learners, describe your course structure and incorporate a range of modes of assessment. There is also an ELT management option. The Teaching House at OHC Blended Delta Module 3 course is offered through online input and a series of tutorials in which your dedicated tutor will review drafts of each section and give you expert advice on how to maximise your grade. These can be done face-to-face in London, or over the phone / Skype.

Apply today through blendeddelta.com

Delta Module 3 dates:

Flexible start dates working towards the submission deadline on the first Wednesday in June or the first Wednesday in December

Delta Module 3 fees:

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Apply today through blendeddelta.com. Contact delta@teachinghouse.com for more information

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