Visa Info

Q. Do I need to get a visa to study at OHC?

    A. If you are from outside the European Union you must obtain a visa to enter the United Kingdom.

Q. How do I apply for the visa?

    A. You can obtain more information from and apply to the British Consulate or High Commission in your country. To obtain a student visa you must prove that you will be studying full time (15 hours per week or more) and that you can support yourself financially while you are studying in the UK. For further information click here

Q. Will I get a refund if my visa application is refused? If so, how much will I get?

    A.If you cancel your course before arrival due to visa refusal, we will refund your course fees in full minus a £60 cancellation charge and the registration fee. Please note that we need to see the original refusal letter in order to give you a refund and you must apply for the refund within 6 months of the date of the visa refusal.

Q. What happens if I will arrive in the UK after the start date of my course due to a delay in my visa application?

    A. You must let us know as soon as you find out about the delay and we will then advise you as to how to proceed.

Q. Where can I find more information on UK visas?

    A. You can call into your nearest British Council office or alternatively, visit the UK visa website by following this link: