Learn English

English Courses designed to dramatically improve your Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing skills at all Levels.

General English

Students join multi-national language classes and study 15 hours per week following a syllabus closely mapped to the Common European Framework of R...

Intensive TOEFL Preparation

Recognized by universities, colleges and businesses worldwide, the successful completion of the TOEFL iBT test can help you achieve your profession...

Executive English

You will learn essential Business English Skills, such as; the Language of Presentations and Meetings, Negotiating in English, Agreeing and Disagre...

One-to-One Tuition

You will have a personalised OHC English Programme based on a strategic needs analysis by OHC.

You choose how many lessons you will ha...

English Teacher Training & Development

Courses Designed for those wanting to become English Teachers around the World, or for English Teachers who want to build on their existing English skills.

CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults

The CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults), is an initial qualification in teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults. I...

Holmes Education Group Partners

Explore further your exciting education options at our exciting locations around the world within the Homes Group and its affiliated Partners, once you have completed your OHC English Program!


Sol Camps International offers a fantastic array of destinations and programs designed specifically for young learners.  Engaging English clas...