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Welcome to OHC Toronto!

Toronto is a vibrant city filled with excitement and wonder; a place where you can experience true multiculturalism and meet new friends from all over the world while learning English. As Canada's largest city and the world's most cosmopolitan centre, Toronto has been voted, time and time again, as one of the best cities in which to live. With a NHL, NBA and a Major League Baseball team, world renowned restaurants and some of North America's most famous landmarks (an hour away from the famous Niagara Falls), there is something for everyone in Toronto.

OHC English - formerly Sol Schools - Toronto took its first registration in 1996 and has hosted over 8000 students from around the world. The school's founding philosophy was to offer high quality ESL English programs in a warm and comfortable atmosphere for our traveling students. Although we have grown in size, our philosophy has stayed the same.

OHC Toronto is situated in three historical government designated mansions in downtown Toronto. The location gives the school a unique and very advantageous position in the city as the only language school outside of an office building with a front yard and garden for students to enjoy.

Toronto has some amazing activities in the Summer and Winter seasons as well as year round!


What has been known as the Blake Mansion since 1872 is now home to our OHC head office Toronto. Since 1872, this historic building has been home to the second Premier of Ontario, among other influential heads of state. From 1985 to very recently, the building served as the Humewood Art Gallery. Today, this magnificent Victorian architectural masterpiece is a government of Canada Heritage Site, and is where OHC students study English or train to become certified English teachers. It is located right downtown and is walking distance to Wellesley subway station, the famous Eaton's Centre and 10 minutes to the CN Tower on the subway. Every detail of our schools, including our buildings, our activities, our Student Houses and our academic programs are designed to offer a worry free and fun filled academic and travel experience that surpass all expectations.

OHC Toronto facilities include;

  • TVs, Monitors, DVD players, Microwaves, Fridges and a Foosball table.
  • Book and video library.
  • Coffee and snack shop during the morning.
  • Self-study material available to all students for self-study and guided study
  • Free wired and WiFi internet access available.
  • Student Facilities situated in three historical government designated mansions in downtown Toronto. 
  • 25 Classrooms, with a maximum class size of 16 (ave. 12).



Student House Accommodation

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